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1. "What Are the Latest Modern Rug Styles for 2024?"

Updated: Feb 23

The term 'Modern rugs' refers to an ever increasing range of options, which can become bewildering when trying to choose the right rug for your space! Here are our latest top 5 modern rug styles for 2024

A modern geometric style rug in a modern style living room

#1 - Retro Rugs - Bold Colour Is Back!

While geometric patterns can add a touch of sophistication. Retro rugs are perfect for those who appreciate nostalgic aesthetics. Bright and graphic designs offer a bold and fun statement.

Adding a colourful rug to your room can transform it from drab to fab. Not only do they add a pop of colour, but they can also give you a feel-good boost with their vibrant hues.

A modern retro style geometric rug viewed from the top

#2 - Abstract Rugs

Abstract designs offer a unique and contemporary look, featuring free flowing, undefined and irregular patterns that are both soothing and peaceful. Their muted gentle tones are easy on the eye, promoting relaxation and comfort.

An abstract style rug in a living room setting

#3 - Distressed Rugs -

The vintage aesthetics of distressed rugs have become fashionable as they add a sense of history and character to a modern room. Contemporary distressed rugs are pre-faded and sheared to create that desirable aged patina. These rugs have become popular as the look of wear and distressing adds a mystique which contrasts well with modern furniture and decor, making them a popular choice in current home styling.

A distressed style rug with modern dinning chairs on top

#4 - Marble Rugs

These rugs depict the natural curvature and flowing folds of marble stone, creating a unique and timeless look. From subtle to bold in many colour options, the swirling patterns make a stylish and alluring statement. Some have metallic accents and display a subtle sheen which add a touch of glamour and luxury to your home. These versatile rugs blend effortlessly with most room styles.

A marble style rug in a lounge with a table on top

#5 - Monochrome Rugs

Experience the serene simplicity of one tone rugs that create a peaceful ambience in any space. With tonal shifts that blend together seamlessly, these rugs feature one main colour in a range of harmonious shades. The monochromatic look of these rugs add sophistication to any room, while still maintaining a sense of simplicity and tranquillity.

A modern monochrome rug

For our range of the latest modern rug styles for 2024 Click Here

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